A New Name

“It is through our names that we first place ourselves in the world. Our names, being the gift of others, must be made our own.” author Ralph Ellison

In this case, the new name of my book-art studio, Wandering Leaf Bindery, is more a ‘gift’ to myself.

Perhaps the name was always there, patiently waiting for me to show up.  On my morning walks I would contemplate the idea of creating a new name for my bindery work. Gazing around me through the changing seasons, I would turn over in my mind what name would suit me/the bindery best.  

It was during those daily walks, moving among the trees, threading my way through the tall grasses, cresting a small hill, rounding a turn in the path, that I realized that I was my name: [a] Wandering Leaf  

Of course, being someone who loves a play on words, and word connections, ‘leaf’ naturally goes with books: leaf as a sheet of paper, gluing down the flyleaf, leafing through a book, loose-leaf, gilding a book with gold leaf…

Leaf: that beautiful part of the tree that does its best to hang in there, through all kinds of weather, turning sunlight into energy in order to nourish and be nourished. And finally being shed, to nourish once more. 

It is not surprising that so many leaves find their way into the books I make: eco-print leaves, leaf collagraphs, leaf linocuts, rusted leaves, leaf silhouettes imprinted onto patinated metal covers & leaves waiting to be born from small seeds. For me, the beauty of a leaf never ceases to be a source of wonder. 

The final ‘gift’ of adopting a new name came when my daughter, Erin (of willowandbriarstudio.com) offered to help me create a new website, and use her drawing skills to create beautiful botanical artwork for my labeling. 

A warm welcome to Wandering Leaf Bindery