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Books & Boxes

The binding methods I use cover a wide range of techniques— from traditional to those of a more stylized design. Since I enjoy printing many of my own papers, the paper design will often suggest one binding technique over another. I love leaving the rhythmic beauty of the stitching visible whenever possible.


The techniques that I have used in creating my prints and papers include: collagraph, linocut, Gelli-plate, eco-printing, and paper rusting.

& More

I think of this as my “playing around” page, where I am trying out new techniques and ideas… that may, or may not, eventually make it into my books. 

About Me

I have often wondered what it would have been like to have discovered my love of book binding earlier on in life… instead, my adventures into the world of bookbinding and printmaking came later, & unfolded in a very ‘wandering’, non-linear way: a workshop here and there, with quite of bit of practicing on my own in between.  The one constant has been finding people who are not only masters at what they do, but who have been kind and generous in sharing their time, skills and space with me.

Individual Instruction

I always enjoy it when someone inquires about learning how to bind a book, or learn a specific print technique. One on one, or small group lessons, provide the ideal learning and teaching environment. Please contact me, if you would like to find out about individual instruction.

Sewing a watercolor journal.
Learning how to rust papers.
Making pamphlet-stitch journals.
Gelli-plate printing.

Where My Art Can Be Found