Holding Memories in Your Hands

“Memory is the treasury and guardian of all things” —Cicero

One of my goals for 2022 was the making of more photo/keepsake albums. Over the holidays, I had several inquiries about photo albums, and while I have made a few in the past, I didn’t have any readily available. 

The challenges, isolation, and losses of 2020-2021 seem to have made memory-keeping all the more immediate and important for some of us. Sometimes those memories are kept alive through photos, and old letters, at other times it is through the simple sharing of stories & reminiscing about those we have loved and had to let go of. 

Working on a photo album or a ‘book of memories’  can be a healing way of cherishing, and processing the past, while at the same time preserving those photos and stories for future generations. 

With this ‘preserving the past’ project in mind, I ordered some lightly patterned glassine paper from Talas in NYC, and am currently experimenting with various photo/memory album formats.

A Treasury of Memories